How to find cheapest flights affordable?

Since almost a decade Polish travelers get used to very small prizes of airline tickets. Thanks to that we had a chance to see interesting places not only in Europe, but also entire world.


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But when you’ll be wise enough, you will have a chance to spend even less money on the flights, mainly when you would like to organize entire journey fast enough.
Date is important
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Time of our vacations is often determinate by our work, we need to arrange it with the coworkers. However, if we want to get flights for the best prize we have to know, which month is hot season to avoid it. When we are arranging trip to any southern resorts July or August are not a very idea.

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Those dates are very popular among the travelers, therefore airline companies aren’t interested into sales, costs of tickets may be even bigger! When you wish to visit some city in which many of Polish people are working you have to avoid a Christmas time. A lot of them are travelling to our country and airline tickets are also very costly.

When to look for the tickets?

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Cheap airline companies are offering totally different prizes for the same flights, all according to a time of purchase. For instance, if you wish to visit Paris and you pay for a ticket couple of days before the tour, you can pay even three times more then a person, who already buy it couple of months ago. Finest therm is at the beginning of sale, when carriers are tempting people with very attractive prices. It is at least six months before the journey, but it isn’t to early to begin organization of future vacations.

If you purchase the ticket really soon, you’ll be also able to pay a lot less for apartment, cause hotels have the same rule. Also you can wait for a last minute offer, however it is a little risky and not each destination is affordable.